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Track your freedom from habits and addictions

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your sobriety date tracker and more

About The App

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Habits and addictions destroy time and money, friendships and families. This app was developed because people in recovery deserve a beautiful and useful sobriety date tracker. This app is your digital sobriety coin that can’t be accidentally misplaced.

The coins

Choose a coin for each habit or addiction that you are tracking freedom from. All coins sparkle and shimmer with a tilt of the device, and some have special animations. If you have an idea for a coin that you think might have mass appeal, contact me. I can’t make any promises, but I want to offer you an app that is responsive, customized and useful. Maybe your coin idea will be included in a future update.


If you want to quit a bad habit or experience freedom from an addiction, download the sobriety coin app today. With a wide assortment of sobriety coins to choose from, you can customize the app to your liking. Now you can carry up to ten digital sobriety coins with you at all times. And you’ll never lose your coin between the couch cushions.


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